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Barona sour fish broth paste is a unique blend of  Fresh vegetables extract and selected spices. The pineapple sweet taste together with the sour of tamarind & tomatoes, adding the flavour of fish sauce and frying onion & garlic, you will get a very typically Vietnamease style of sour soup


Trở lại


Intstruction for use:

Preparation: Marinate each pack with 300 gr fish, one tomato, 1/6 a pineapple, 3 okras, 1/3 mint, a few bean sprouts

– Serving: 4-5 persons

-Step 1: Frying minced garlic

-Step 2: Boil 750 ml water, then put fish in & cooked to medium (about 3-5 minutes), pour a pack of sauce for sour soup Vi Xua and stir.

-Step 3: Add pineapple and cook 2 minutes, then add tomatoes, okra to boil. Finally, add the mint, bean sprouts and boil again and then turn off the fire

-Step 4: Pour the soup into bowl. Place rice paddy herb, culantro, frying garlic and chili on the surface. Served with hot rice.